I love this webcam Amcrest AWC201-B

DSC_3880With a bold and fantastic design! The webcam of the company Amcrest appears, model AWC201-B, a device created to work, study and have fun in a big way. With a total resolution of 1920 x 1080P even the most boring meeting becomes pleasant, it should be noted that it also has resolutions minor, which will help us when the internet slows down, without losing video quality in our daily connections. The lower resolutions are 1280 x 720P and the smallest 640 x 480P. Most programs like Skype, webex, zoom, meet. Automatically scale the webcam resolution immediately and without problem.

It is fixed without problem on any monitor, the drivers are installed automatically, I use it in classes that last 8 consecutive hours, and it works without problem. An amazing, agile and economic device!

Easy to configure in all app like Skype!


Here in a class, covering 8 hours of hard learning!



It’s amazing, thanks again Amcrest team, you rock!




Carlos Caballero

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