I have to go away….

29022020Maybe I’m a complicated person, I say maybe because the people around me just change, always for convenience change, no matters if this attitude broke and make damages to another people, in this case me. They think for they have a little more money than me, I have to suck or lick they’re shoes or asses.
They’re very wrong, the people who raise me, their have me a lot of good values, and teach me to respect all the people in the world, know and unknown.
I born to be happy, not for be a bad person, not for another kind of live. I love make my work, I love to serve my clients, and in a near future can visit my sons Franco and Nathalia.
Now if you believe you are my friend, help me to do that, if not, you are a simple but apreciate person in my life, even if you are part of my family.
Remember my life proposal. Act if that you accept my proposing.

I’m very sad now, for all the bad attitude I can see to the people around me in the house I living. Truly sad, but the life gone and gone, and i never stop, I pray a lot for my sons and I ask to God to help me to understand this kind of people, and let stop they acts, against me, I’m pray for they people too and for theydaughters, they don’t have any guiltily, the grow people on my house if the bad influence to this two girls. They learn for the attitude to the old people and change they behavior and infringe damage to me.
The best decision is I got to goy to another place to live, yes a need to runaway to these bad place, place where the values and respect to the persons are completely lost.

For my dear friend

More than a sad situation, in very disappointed you, in my last breath you left me back, alone and lost. The friendship, the truly friendship is different, don’t see that, but in the end I understand you, you’re different that me, I win my bills toy pay my thing, I work for you without a money recive I help you this way, then you let me sleep in your house, but that’s not means that the people in the house treat me different and even un respected,, I don’t know what’s in the head of these persons, but you as my friend have to explain the facts even you arrogant wife,whod don’t have a little respect to anybody. She don’t have education, and share that stupid behavior they live around. Bad, my friend, very bad to us.

I hope in a future you runaway too, before they people crash you, I know you my dear friend, you are not that way, please save you to that hell, save your soul, heart and your better way to act and see the life. Don’t worry in my ne home you have a place too, as the same way that you help me almost 2 or 3 years ago. Thanks for that my friend. I will carry always in my heart for that way to help me.



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